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Our services are for individuals three years and older. These services are intended to meet the needs of those experiencing behavioral and/or emotional issues. Their functioning may be impaired and disruptive to family relationships, daycare, school, work and/or their community. For children, our focus is placed on the parental or caregiver relationship by helping the individual to improve coping skills and to provide support by improving the individual’s behavior management skills through a team approach.



Medication Management is intended to meet the needs of the individuals whose only needs are monitoring and support in managing of medications. The service is for individuals without ongoing treatment needs outside of medication-related services. However, there may be times when case management services are needed for additional support to ensure medical needs are met. These services are primarily provided at an office- based locations. However, services may also be provided at school, in the community, or via telemedicine.


Family services are intended to help children/youth, and their family and/or caregivers by preventing additional crisis situations. We will improve and maintain stable relationships by providing support services for children/youth receiving individual services and/or assisting in accessing appropriate community-based services.


Services are intended to resolve the current crisis, avoid a more intense or higher level of care, and prevent a future crisis. This may include attempts or threats of suicide, harm to others or self, a first-time acute or reoccurring rapid onset of emotional, behavioral, psychiatric, or substance abuse symptoms.


Case management services help the child and caregivers identify immediate needs and facilitate access to community resources to help them and their child address those needs. The case manager provides services to help caregivers learn new ways to advocate for their child and support the family while receiving other mental health services, such as medication management and counseling. The case manager helps ensure all the services work together for the benefit of caregivers and their children.

It can be difficult for adults with mental illness to keep track of the many appointments, resources, and other information required to live an independent life. Mental health case management can help them manage these tasks so they can focus on recovery. Keeping track of doctor’s appointments, job interviews, bills, and other everyday items can be a lot simpler with the help of mental health professional. As new needs are identified, the mental health professional will help find resources to meet those needs. Case management often leads to positive changes in people’s lives.

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